my story

My Background


My interest in fiber began early, when at five I fashioned a needle and thread from a bobby pin and a piece of string in order to repair the tattered edges of a favorite childhood blanket.  I've since costumed plays, designed and manufactured garments, and print much of the fabric I use in my art pieces.  Many of these designs are now available to the public from this great on-demand print site below!

My Medium


I use a variety of surface design materials and techniques including stitch, Thermofax screens, mono prints, hand-carved stamps and stencils, paint, dye, ink, resist and discharge medium.

My Inspiration


My work is inspired by nature's color and pattern, by lines in ancient symbols and language.  I am increasingly interested in negative space and aspects of what may not be readily seen as I believe there's always more to the story.  I use materials often discarded as a way of honoring the whole and find this practice offers a deeper appreciation for life's many layers.